1922 Coppa Italia

The 1922 Coppa Italia was the 1st edition of the football championship. It began April 2 and ended July 16, 1922 with the victory of Vado, the only title in its history.

1922 Coppa Italia
Country Italy
Dates2 April – 16 July 1922
ChampionsVado (1st title)
Matches played37
Goals scored112 (3.03 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Ernesto Bonino (6 goals)

Prior to the eventsEdit

Proposals for an Italian football cup were made many times before WWI, without followings. In 1921, all major clubs resigned from the FIGC to establish the first Football League of the country, so the FIGC decided to add a cup to its championship in response

The regulation of the first Coppa Italia was rather confusing starting with the number of teams admitted (37), which did not allow an easy match for the games to be played. To solve this problem it was necessary to proceed with several byes. Almost every formations were from Northern Italy, with Livorno being the southernmost city allowed to participate

With the victory of the outsider Vado enrolled in the Promozione , the Ligurians became the first to win the biggest national cup as well as to win it even though they did not play in the top division; the latter, a record later equaled by Naples alone in the 1961-1962 edition.

The cup was a poor tournament, without the most prestigious team and limited to Northern Italy, and even more many clubs involved in the championship finals retired from the cup to avoid distractions.

After the reunification between the Football Association and the Football League, the cup was no more organized for many years.

Participating teamsEdit

The teams retired from the competition before the first round are marked in italics.

Prima Categoria and Coppa GiuliaEdit



  • Rivarolese
  • Calcio Sestrese
  • Speranza Genoa
  • Spes Genova
  • A.C. Libertas
  • Enotria Goliardo
  • Juventus Italia
  • Saronno
  • Trevigliese




Venezia Giulia

The most important Julian teams took part in a regional tournament called "Coppa Giulia", separated from the national Prima Categoria


  • Aeronautica Torino
  • Vercellesi Erranti


  • Fiorente Genova
  • Molassana Boero
  • Vado


  • Union Feltrese


  • Audace Livorno

First roundEdit

Treviso received a bye due to a drawing; Libertas Firenze and Pro Livorno received byes due to fixture congestion.

Home team Score Away team
Audace Livorno 0-2[1] Molassana
Casalecchio 0-2[1] Carpi
Crema 4-1 Codogno
Fanfulla 2-1 Libertas Milano
Forti e Liberti Forlì 3-0 Mantovana
Juventus Italia 2-0 Enotria Genova
Lucchese 9-0 CS Firenze
Novese 6-0 Aeronautica Torino
Rivarolese 2-0 Sestrese
Spes Genova 0-1 Speranza Savona
Trevigliese 0-1 (aet) Saronno
Triestina 0-2[1] Edera Trieste
Udinese 4–0 Feltrese
Vado 4-3 (aet) Fiorente
Valenzana 2-1 Pastore Torino
Vercellese 0-1 US Torinese
Virtus Bologna 1-0 Parma

Second roundEdit

Libertas Firenze and Pro Livorno received byes due to fixture congestion.

Home team Score Away team
Crema 1-2 Speranza Savona
Fanfulla 1-4 Novese
Forti e Liberti Forlì 4-0 Treviso
Juventus Italia 3-0 US Torinese
Lucchese 5-0 Rivarolese
Vado 5-1 Molassana
Valenzana 1-0 Saronno
Virtus Bologna 1-0 Carpi
Edera Trieste 0-4 Udinese

Third roundEdit

Libertas Firenze, Novese, Pro Livorno and Speranza Savona received byes due to fixture congestion; Udinese received a bye due to the absence of competitors.

Home team Score Away team
Lucchese 4-0 Virtus Bologna
Vado 2-0 Juventus Italia
Valenzana 3-0 Forti e Liberti Forlì


Home team Score Away team
Libertas Firenze 2-0[1] Valenzana
Novese 0-2[1] Udinese
Speranza Savona 1-2 Lucchese
Pro Livorno 0-1 Vado


Home team Score Away team
Vado 1-0 (aet) Libertas Firenze
Udinese 1–0 Lucchese


Vado1 – 0 (a.e.t.)Udinese
Levratto   118'
Campo di Leo, Vado Ligure
Referee: Luigi Pasquinelli

Top goalscorersEdit

Rank Player Club Goals
1   Ernesto Bonino Lucchese 6
2   Virgilio Levratto Vado 5
3   Gian Antonio Maggi Juventus Italia 4


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