1918 in sports

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Note — many sporting events did not take place because of World War I or the 1918 flu pandemic

1918 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

American football edit

College championship

Professional football

  • Most teams shut down due to World War I and the flu pandemic; those that continue play are forced to delay the start of play until the middle of October or later
  • Dayton Triangles defeat Detroit Heralds, both of whom continue full operations despite war and flu, to establish themselves as the strongest team in the US
  • Buffalo Niagaras sign Tommy Hughitt for play in a citywide league, establishing a trend of expansion of top-level professional competition outside Ohio

Association football edit


  • There is no major football in Europe due to World War I

Australian rules football edit

VFL Premiership

South Australian Football League:

  • not contested due to World War I

West Australian Football League:

Bandy edit


Baseball edit

World Series


  • Babe Ruth leads the American League in home runs for the first time, hitting 11
  • 2 September — professional baseball is curtailed to accelerate mobilisation for war

Boxing edit


Lineal world champions[1]

Canadian football edit

Grey Cup

Cricket edit


  • There is no first-class cricket in England, Australia, South Africa or the West Indies due to World War I. A number of first-class matches are arranged in New Zealand but are not part of any official competition.


New Zealand

Cycling edit

Tour de France

Giro d'Italia

Figure skating edit

World Figure Skating Championships

Golf edit


  • All major championships are cancelled due to World War I

Horse racing edit






Ice hockey edit

Stanley Cup


Motor racing edit


  • No major races are held anywhere worldwide due to World War I

Rowing edit

The Boat Race

Rugby league edit


  • All first-class competitions are cancelled due to World War I


New Zealand

Rugby union edit

Five Nations Championship

Speed skating edit

Speed Skating World Championships

Tennis edit





Davis Cup

  • 1918 International Lawn Tennis Challenge – not contested

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