1918 Allan Cup

The 1918 Allan Cup was the Canadian national senior ice hockey championship for the 1917-18 Senior season. The final challenge was hosted by the Kitchener Greenshirts and Toronto, Ontario. The 1918 playoff marked the 11th time the Allan Cup had a champion. The 1918 Allan Cup also marked the final time the Allan Cup would be awarded through a challenge series.

Kitchener Greenshirts in 1917–18.

First challengeEdit

The Toronto Dentals were challenged by the Kitchener Greenshirts, for the OHA Senior championship. The series took place as a home-and-home series.

  • Toronto Dentals (Allan Cup holder)
  • Kitchener Greenshirts (Challenger)


Kitchener Greenshirts 4 - Toronto Dentals 4
Kitchener Greenshirts 3 - Toronto Dentals 0

Kitchener Greenshirts win the series 7-4 and conquer the Allan Cup.

Second challengeEdit

The Kitchener Greenshirts received a challenge from the Port Arthur Columbus Club, Thunder Bay senior champions. The series took place in Toronto, Ontario.


Kitchener Greenshirts 20 - Port Arthur Columbus Club 2
Second game conceded

Kitchener Greenshirts win the series 20-2 and carry the Allan Cup.

Third challengeEdit

Kitchener Greenshirts received a challenge from the Winnipeg Ypres, Western Canada Senior champions. Played in Toronto, Ontario.


Winnipeg Ypres 3 - Kitchener Greenshirts 2
Kitchener Greenshirts 4 - Winnipeg Ypres 1

Kitchener Greenshirts carry the Allan Cup, winning the series 6-goals-to-4. With no more challengers accepted in time to play, the Greenshirts win the 1918 Allan Cup.

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