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The 1912 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races again took place over the "Snaefell Mountain Course". Several manufacturers complained that the new mountain course was too arduous and threatened to boycott the 1912 races.

With an Indian sweep the previous year the British manufacturers' pride was dented but even with a smaller entry the Junior race took place on Friday, 28 June, in the rain that challenged the belt-driven machines giving the advantage to the chain-driven ones. Douglas took the first two places. Monday, 1 July, was the Senior race and a two-stroke Scott was driven into first place. This was the first two-stroke TT win.[1]


Junior 350cc Race[2]Edit

Pos Rider Machine Speed Laps
1 W H Bashall Douglas 39.65 mph 4
3 H J Cox Forward 36.51 mph 4

Senior 500cc Race[3]Edit

Pos Rider Machine Speed Laps
1 F A Applebee Scott 48.69 mph 5


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