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Crosby comes from the old Norse for "settlement of the cross". The Manx "Balley ny Croshey" means much the same.


Marown Old Church - St Runius

The village is situated in the centre of the parish of Marown on the A1, the main road from Douglas to Peel, with side-road junctions A23 and B35.

The old St Runius church, which was the original Marown parish church until the new church was built in 1859, is located in Crosby. Part of the old church dates back to the 12th century[citation needed]. It was expanded in 1754[citation needed]. When the new church was built, the original church was used as a mortuary chapel and part of the east side was demolished. The building was eventually restored and re-opened on 9 August 1959[citation needed], with services now held regularly each summer and or major festivals.[1][2] The village also has a Methodist chapel. Crosby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was opened on 6 October 1833.[3]

Marown Language Centre (Manx: Yn Ynnyd Çhengey), a foreign language teaching facility and training centre for teachers on the island is located in Crosby, close to the old St Runius Church.[4]

The village's historic railway station opened on 1 July 1873 and last operated on 7 September 1968 when the line closed. It was on the Douglas to Peel line of the Isle of Man Railway which now forms the Heritage Trail, following the course of the old line.[5] The station was demolished but the crossing keeper's cottage on the east side is now a shelter for walkers on the trail.[6]

Local amenities in Crosby include a children's play park, football and cricket pitch, chapel and pub, which is also a popular spectator spot for watching the Isle of Man TT.


Marown F.C. is a football club which competes in the Isle of Man Football League playing home games at the Memorial Playing Fields in Crosby. The village also has the Crosby Cricket Club which shares the same site. Founded in 1946, the club is part of the Isle of Man Cricket Association.[7]


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