List of places in the Isle of Man

In addition to the Isle of Man itself, the Isle of Man Government administers three small neighbouring islands: the Calf of Man, St Patrick's Isle and St Michael's Isle. There is one place with official status as a city and three places with official status as towns, and four villages, as well as many other smaller settlements. Traditionally the Island is divided into six sheadings, then further into seventeen parishes.

Manx language names are given in italics.

Aerial view of Douglas and the southern half of the Isle of Man

Cities edit

Douglascapital and largest settlement (Doolish)

Towns edit

The official towns of the Isle of Man are:

Villages edit

The official villages of the Isle of Man, with village commissioners, are:

  • Laxey (Laksaa) – no longer has village commissioners; is now merely an electoral ward of the parish district of Garff
  • Onchan – second largest settlement (Kione Droghad)
  • Port St Mary (Purt le Moirrey)
  • Port Erin (Purt Çhiarn)

Other settlements edit

Other notable settlements, with no official status, are:

Those marked ‡ (at least) are mostly not large enough to be notable as settlements, but rather as hamlets.

Sheadings edit

The sheadings (Manx: sheadin (singular), sheadinyn (plural)) of the Isle of Man are:

Historic parishes edit

The historic parishes (Manx: skeerey (singular), skeeraghyn (plural)) currently included in each sheading of the Isle of Man are:

  • Ayre
    • Andreas (Andreas / Skeerey Andreas)
    • Bride (Breeshey / Skeerey Vreeshey)
    • Lezayre (Creest ny h-Ayrey / Skeerey Chreest ny h-Ayrey)
  • Garff
    • Lonan (Lonan / Skeerey Lonan): historical parish, now merged into the parish district of Garff
    • Maughold (Maghal / Skeerey Maghal): historical parish, now merged into the parish district of Garff
    • Onchan (Connaghyn / Skeerey Chonnaghyn)
  • Glenfaba
    • German (Carmane / Skeerey Charmane)
    • Patrick (Perick / Skeerey Pherick)
  • Michael
    • Ballaugh (Balley ny Loghy / Skeerey Valley ny Loghey)
    • Jurby (Jorby / Skeerey Jorby)
    • Michael (Maayl / Skeerey Maayl)
  • Middle
    • Braddan (Braddan / Skeerey Braddan)
    • Marown (Marooney / Skeerey Marooney)
    • Santon (Stondane / Skeerey Stondane)
  • Rushen

Historically, each parish was divided into between 5 and 16 treens, each consisting of four quarterlands.[1]

Coastal features edit

Other geographical features edit

  • Port-Ny-Ding, a small bay immediately north-west of Bradda West
  • Snaefell (Sniaul), the only mountain of the Isle of Man

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