Humber Motorcycles

Humber Limited was a pioneering British motorcycle manufacturer. Humber produced the first practical motorcycle made in Britain by fitting one of their Humber bicycles with an E. J. Pennington two-horsepower motor in 1896.[1]

Limited sales at the onset of the Great Depression in 1929 brought an end to their manufacture.


1904 Humber

Early Humber motorcycles were built under licence to Phelon & Moore with a single-cylinder P&M engine and two-speed chaindrive transmission. Disputes over royalty payments and P&M's desire to make their own motorcycles led to this licence being terminated in 1905,[2] so later models had Humber 496 cc, 596 cc and 746 cc engines.[3]

Success with one of Pennington's 340 cc two-speed V twin engined Humbers in the first ever Isle of Man Junior TT in 1911 boosted the motorcycle sales.[4]


Model Year Notes
Humber 4.5 hp 1921 601cc with chain transmission and three-speed gearbox
Humber 350cc Side Valve 1927
Humber Beeston 1903 2.75HP
Humber 340cc 1911 2 speed V twin Humber (won the 1911 Junior TT)
Humber 3½ HP 1912
Humber 350 OHV 1929
Humber 600cc 1921 Flat twin
Humber 350cc OHC 1930 (Last Humber made)

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