1911 Michoacán earthquake

The 1911 Michoacán earthquake occurred on June 7 at 04:26 local time (11:02 UTC).[3][4] The epicenter was located near the coast of Michoacán, Mexico. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6 on the moment magnitude scale.[5] 45 people were reported dead.[6] In Mexico City, 119 houses were destroyed.[7] Cracks were reported in Palacio Nacional, Escuela Normal para Maestros, Escuela Preparatoria, Inspección de Policía, and Instituto Geológico.[8] Ciudad Guzmán, the seat of Zapotlán el Grande, Jalisco, suffered great damage.[9]

1911 Michoacán earthquake
1911 Michoacán earthquake is located in Mexico
1911 Michoacán earthquake
UTC time1911-06-07 11:02:50
ISC event16958148
Local dateJune 7, 1911
Local time04:26
Magnitude7.6 Mw
Depth33 km[1]
Epicenter17°30′N 102°30′W / 17.5°N 102.5°W / 17.5; -102.5Coordinates: 17°30′N 102°30′W / 17.5°N 102.5°W / 17.5; -102.5[2]
Areas affectedMexico
Casualties45 dead

The earthquake occurred hours before the revolutionary Francisco I. Madero entered Mexico City on the same day, and it was also known as "temblor maderista".

On June 7, 2011, a ceremony was held in Ciudad Guzmán commemorating the centenary of this earthquake.[10]

This earthquake was a megathrust earthquake along the Middle America Trench, a major subduction zone.[11]

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