1894 U.S. National Championships (tennis)

List of champions of the 1894 U.S. National Championships tennis tournament (now known as the US Open). The men's tournament was held from 20 August to 27 August on the outdoor grass courts at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. The women's singles and doubles tournament as well as the mixed doubles event was held from 12 June to 16 June on the outdoor grass courts at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in Philadelphia, PA. It was the 15th U.S. National Championships and the second Grand Slam tournament of the year.[2]

1894 U.S. National Championships
Date20–27 August (M)
12–16 June (W)
CategoryGrand Slam
LocationNewport, R.I., United States (M)
Philadelphia, PA, United States (W)
Men's singles
United States Robert Wrenn[1]
Women's singles
United States Helen Hellwig[1]
Men's doubles
United States Clarence Hobart / United States Fred Hovey[1]
Women's doubles
United States Helen Hellwig / United States Juliette Atkinson[1]
Mixed doubles
United States Juliette Atkinson / United States Edwin P. Fischer[1]
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Men's singlesEdit

  Robert Wrenn defeated   Manliffe Goodbody 6–8, 6–1, 6–4, 6–4

Women's singlesEdit

  Helen Hellwig defeated   Aline Terry 7–5, 3–6, 6–0, 3–6, 6–3

Men's doublesEdit

  Clarence Hobart /   Fred Hovey defeated   Carr Neel /   Sam Neel 6–3, 8–6, 6–1

Women's doublesEdit

  Helen Hellwig /   Juliette Atkinson defeated   Annabella Wistar /   Amy Williams 6–4, 8–6, 6–2

Mixed doublesEdit

  Juliette Atkinson /   Edwin P. Fischer defeated   Mrs. McFadden /   Gustav Remak 6–3, 6–2, 6–1


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