1892 Victorian colonial election

The 1892 Victorian colonial election was held on 20 April 1892 to elect the 15th Parliament of Victoria. All 95 seats in the Legislative Assembly were up for election, though 13 were uncontested.[1][2]

1892 Victorian colonial election

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All 95 seats in the Victorian Legislative Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
Leader William Shiels James Patterson William Trenwith
Party Liberal Conservative Labour
Leader's seat Normanby Castlemaine Richmond
Seats won 56 28 11
Percentage 52.91 27.11 19.72

Premier before election

William Shiels

Elected Premier

William Shiels

This was the first election contested by the Labour Party, which was led by William Trenwith.[3]

Background edit

In February 1892, Premier James Munro, who was deeply in debt, asked his Cabinet to appoint him Victorian Agent-General in London. He then resigned as Premier and immediately took ship from Port Melbourne.[4]

The Liberals turned to William Shiels as a "clean" new leader, and he became the new Premier on 16 February 1892.[5]

Results edit

13 seats were uncontested at this election, and therefore retained by the incumbent member:

Legislative Assembly (FPTP)[3]
Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Liberal 102,010 52.91 56
  Conservative 52,260 27.11 28
  Labour 37,777 19.72 +19.72 11   11
  Independent 280 0.15 0  
  Independent Labour 205 0.11 0  
 Formal votes 192,792

Aftermath edit

The Shiels government was defeated on a vote of confidence on 18 January 1893, and was succeeded by Conservative James Patterson. Patterson himself was defeated on a vote of confidence on 28 August 1894, and sought a dissolution of the house.[3] The Liberals returned to government in 1894, led by George Turner.[3]

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