The following lists events that happened during 1875 in New Zealand.

New Zealand

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Incumbents edit

Regal and viceregal edit

Government and law edit

The 1875 general election begins on 29 December but does not finish until 4 January the following year. The election marks the end of the 5th New Zealand Parliament.

Main centre leaders edit

Events edit

  • Contract let for construction of the Rimutaka Incline railway using the Fell system.

Sport edit

Athletics edit

The first club in the country, the Wellington Amateur Athletic Club, holds its first meeting.[1]

Cricket edit

The Wellington Cricket Association is formed.[1]

Horse racing edit

  • New Zealand Cup winner: Nectar
  • New Zealand Derby winner: Daniel O’Rourke
  • Auckland Cup winner: Kingfisher
  • Wellington Cup winner: Tambourini
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Rugby union edit

  • Rugby union begins in Timaru, Temuka, Blenheim, Picton, Greymouth (with the formation of new clubs) and Napier where the club formed in 1874 adopted rugby rules.[2]
  • A combined Auckland clubs team toured Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson and New Plymouth. They lost all matches, despite some of their opposition having only learned rugby rules for a few weeks in preparation for the tour – the Christchurch and Dunedin clubs had primarily been playing football (soccer).[2]

Shooting edit

Ballinger Belt: Lieutenant Skinner (Auckland)

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References edit

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