1829 Costa Rican Head of State election

Head of State elections were held in Costa Rica on 1 January 1829. Juan Mora Fernández was re-elected in his position by the majority of electors.[1] The elections in this period were conducted in two levels, first all Costa Ricans capable of voting according to the Constitution (men able to read and write, among other things) who cast a public vote chose the Electores according to the proportional representation of the population of each location; 11 for San José, 9 for Alajuela, 8 for Cartago, 8 for Heredia, 3 for Escazú, 3 for Ujarrás and 3 for the recently annexed Nicoya. Mora received the unanimous vote of all the provinces except for 2 electoral votes in San José, 1 in Alajuela and 2 in Heredia.[1]

1829 Costa Rican Head of State election

← 1825 1 February 1829 1833 →
Nominee Juan Mora Fernández
Electoral vote 38
Percentage 86.36%

Head of State before election

Juan Mora Fernández

Elected Head of State

Juan Mora Fernández

Results edit

Juan Mora Fernández3886.36
Other candidates613.64
Source: TSE

By province edit

Province Mora Others
San José 9 2
Cartago 8 0
Heredia 6 2
Alajuela 7 1
Escazú 3 0
Nicoya 3 0
Ujarrás 2 1
Total 38 6
Source: TSE

References edit

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