1825 Costa Rican Head of State election

Head of State elections were held in Costa Rica on 20 May 1825. In the election liberal Juan Mora Fernández was re-elected as Head of State, a position that he occupied provisionally by mandate of the Congress.[1] The elections in this period were held in two levels, first voted by citizens exercising their public vote who thus chose the electors who would formally elect the president.[1] The representation by region was; 11 for San José, 8 for Cartago, 8 for Heredia, 5 for Alajuela, 3 for Escazú, 2 for Ujarrás, 1 for Térraba and 1 for Bagaces.[1] Mora received the vote of all provinces except Alajuela who voted unanimously for his rival Mariano Montealegre.[1]

1825 Costa Rican Head of State election

20 March 1825 1829 →
Nominee Juan Mora Fernández Mariano Montealegre Bustamante
Electoral vote 33 6
Percentage 84.62% 15.38%

Head of State before election

Juan Mora Fernández

Elected Head of State

Juan Mora Fernández

Results edit

Juan Mora Fernández3384.62
Mariano Montealegre Bustamante615.38
Source: TSE

By province edit

Province Mora Montealegre
San José 11 0
Cartago 8 0
Heredia 8 0
Alajuela 0 6
Escazú 3 0
Ujarrás 3 0
Total 33 6
Source: TSE

References edit

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