1825 Costa Rican Head of State election

The 1825 Costa Rican Head of State election was held in 20 May 1825 and was Costa Rica's first ever election for Head of State. In the election liberal Juan Mora Fernández was re-elected as Head of State, a position that he occupied provisionally by mandate of the Congress.[1] The elections in this period were held in two levels, first voted by citizens exercising their public vote who thus chose the electors who would formally elect the president.[1] The representation by region was; 11 for San José, 8 for Cartago, 8 for Heredia, 5 for Alajuela, 3 for Escazú, 2 for Ujarrás, 1 for Térraba and 1 for Bagaces.[1] Mora received the vote of all provinces except Alajuela who voted unanimously for his rival Mariano Montealegre.[1]

1825 Costa Rican Head of State election
Flag of Costa Rica (1824-1840).svg
20 March 1825 1829 →
  Juan Mora Fernández.JPG No image.png
Nominee Juan Mora Fernández Mariano Montealegre
Party Liberal Liberal
Percentage 84% 15%

Head of State before election

Juan Mora Fernández

Elected Head of State

Juan Mora Fernández

Candidate San José Cartago Heredia Alajuela Escazú Ujarrás Térraba Bagaces
Juan Mora Fernández 11 8 8 3 2 1 1
Mariano Montealegre 8


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