1833 Costa Rican Head of State election

In the election for Head of State of Costa Rica held between 3 and 16 February 1833, Manuel Aguilar Chacón, supported by liberal groups from San Jose and Alajuela, obtained 21 electoral votes cast by the second-degree electors elected by universal male suffrage weeks before.[1] However, the minimum necessary to win was 22 votes according to the Constitution at the time, thus the election was declared null and it would correspond to the Parliament, then called the Constitutional Congress, to choose the Head of State, choosing conservative and monarchist José Rafael de Gallegos y Alvarado.[1]

1833 Costa Rican Head of State election
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← 1829 16 February 1833 1835 →
  Manuel Aguilar Chacón.JPG No image.png José Rafael Gallegos Alvarado.JPG
Nominee Manuel Aguilar Chacón Nicolás Ulloa Soto José Rafael de Gallegos y Alvarado
Party Liberal Conservative Monarchist
Percentage 51% 43% 2%

Head of State before election

Juan Mora Fernández

Elected Head of State

José Rafael de Gallegos y Alvarado


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