The following lists events that happened during the 1780s in South Africa.

1780s in South Africa
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1780 edit

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1782 edit

  • April - François Le Vaillant, French explorer, collector and ornithologist, arrives in the Cape Colony and travels until 1785[3]
  • 30 April - The paper rix dollars is issued for the first time in the Cape[3]
  • Grosvenor, wreck, Pondoland coast of South Africa
  • British forces capture the French outpost of Cuddalore in the Indian Ocean, later recaptured
  • The Dutch port of Trincomalee on Ceylon is captured by the British, later recaptured back by the French

1783 edit

  • 3 September - The Treaty of Paris is signed ending the war. The Dutch have lost the most from the war

The French troops departed the Cape edit

1785 edit

1786 edit

1787 edit

  • The Dutch East India Company passed a law subjecting the nomadic Khoikhoi in the colony to certain restrictions

1789 edit

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References edit

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