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Great BritainEdit

  • Mary Chudleigh The Ladies Defence; or, The Bride-woman's Counsellor Answer'd[1]
  • Daniel Defoe, The True-born Englishman: A satyr, published anonymously this year, but dated "1700"; inspired by John Tutchin's The Foreigners (1700), and answered by Tuchin (anonymously) in his The Apostates, this year; Defoe's poem also resulted in many other responses, adaptations and attacks[1]
  • John Dennis, Advancement and Reformation of Modern Poetry (criticism)[2]
  • John Dryden, Poems on Various Occasions; and Translations from Several Authors (posthumous)[1]
  • Charles Gildon, A New Miscellany of Original Poems (anthology), includes "The Spleen" and other poems by Anne Finch, countess of Winchilsea[1]
  • Cotton Mather, Consolations, English, Colonial America (Massachusetts)[3]
  • John Philips:
    • The Splendid Shilling
    • The Sylvan Dream; or, The Mourning Muses, published anonymously, usually attributed to Philips[1]
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Poems on Several Occasions. By the R. H. the E. of R., London: Printed for A. T.[4]



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