The 1591 papal conclave (27–29 October) was held after the death of Pope Gregory XIV on 16 October that year, after less than a year as pope. This left the Holy See vacant for the third time in 14 months. The conclave lasted only three days and elected Pope Innocent IX.[1]

Papal conclave
October 1591
Dates and location
27–29 October 1591
Apostolic Palace, Papal States
Key officials
DeanAlfonso Gesualdo
Sub-deanInnico d'Avalos d'Aragona
CamerlengoEnrico Caetani
ProtopriestMark Sittich von Hohenems Altemps
ProtodeaconAndreas von Österreich
Elected pope
Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti
Name taken: Innocent IX
1592 →

Even before Pope Gregory XIV died, Spanish and anti-Spanish factions were electioneering for the next pope. Philip II of Spain's (r. 1556–1598) high-handed interference at the previous conclave was not forgotten: he had barred all but seven cardinals. This time the Spanish party in the College of Cardinals did not go so far, but they still controlled a majority, and after a quick conclave they raised Facchinetti to the papal chair as Pope Innocent IX. It took three ballots to elect him as pope. Facchinetti received 24 votes on 28 October but was not successful in that ballot to be elected as pope. He received 28 votes on 29 October in the second ballot while the third saw him prevail.[2]

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