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Great BritainEdit

  • Robert Burrant, Preceptes of Cato with Annotacions of D. Erasmus, main text in verse, with Burrant's prose translation of Desiderius Erasmus's commentary, along with Burrant's own commentary[4]
  • John Skelton:
    • Certain Books, including "Speke Parrot", "The Death of Kyng Edward the Fourth", "A Treatise of the Scottes" and "Tunnyng of Elynour Rummyng" (see also 1521)[4]
    • Phillip Sparrow, publication year uncertain[4]
    • Why Come Ye Not to Court?, publication year uncertain[4]

Other languagesEdit

  • Ludovico Ariosto, Cinque Canti ("Five Cantos"), first publication, a substantial fragment (about 4,400 lines) which appeared as an appendix to an edition of Orlando Furioso; Venice: published by casa di figliuoli di Aldo (the heirs of Aldus Manutius); most critics believe the fragment was intended as an addition to Orlando Furioso, but many others think the work was meant to be independent[5]


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