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Great BritainEdit

  • John Kennedy (poet), Calanthrop and Lucilla (republished 1631 as The Ladies Delight; or, The English Gentlewomans History of Calanthrop and Lucilla)[3]
  • Thomas May, Pharsalia, Books 1–3 (published in 10 books in 1627; see also A Continuation 1630)[3]
  • George Sandys, translator, Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished, complete edition, translated from Ovid's Metamorphoses; see also The First Five Books of Ovid's Metamorphosis 1621; revised 1632 with allegorical commentary and a translation of the first book of the Aeneid of Virgil)[3]
  • Sir William Vaughan, The Golden Fleece [...] transported from Cambriol Colchis, by Orpheus junior, long and fantastic prose allegory, demonstrating "the Errours of Religion, the Vices and Decayes of the Kingdome, and lastly the wayes to get wealth, and to restore Trading" through the colonization of Newfoundland
  • John Wilson, A Song, or Story, for the Lasting Remembrance of Divers Famous Works (republished as A Song of Deliverance 1680)[4]


  • Claude de L'Estoile, Recueil des plus beaux vers, France
  • Marie de Gournay, also known as Marie le Jars, demoiselle de Gournay, Ombre, including a feminist tract, translations, moral essays and verse (later revised and published as Les Avis et presents in 1634; another revision 1641), France[5]


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