14th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 16th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1830 and 1836.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Nova Scotia, Peregrine Maitland. Colin Campbell succeeded Maitland as governor in 1834.

Samuel George William Archibald was chosen as speaker for the house.

List of membersEdit

Electoral District Name
Annapolis County William H. Roach
John Johnston
County of Cape Breton[1] James Boyle Uniacke
Laurence Kavanagh
William Young (1832)[2]

Richard Smith (1833)

Colchester County Samuel G. W. Archibald
Cumberland County Alexander Stewart
Joseph Oxley
Halifax County William Lawson
Samuel G. W. Archibald
George Smith
Jotham Blanchard
Hants County William B. Bliss[3]

William O'Brien (1834)

Benjamin DeWolf
Kings County Samuel Chipman
Elisha DeWolf, Jr.
Lunenburg County William Rudolf
John Creighton
Queens County Joseph Freeman
James R. DeWolf
Shelburne County John Forman[4]

Abraham Lent (1833)

Herbert Huntington
Sydney County John Young
Thomas Dickson
Township of Halifax Charles Rufus Fairbanks
Stephen W. Deblois
Township of Lunenburg John Heckman
Township of Liverpool James Barss
Township of Shelburne Charles Roche
Township of Barrington John Homer
Township of Yarmouth Reuben Clements[2]

Samuel S. Poole[5] (1831)
Reuben Clements (1836)

Township of Digby Charles Budd
Township of Annapolis James R. Lovett
Township of Granville Timothy Ruggles[6]
Township of Horton James Harris, Jr.
Township of Cornwallis John Morton
Township of Amherst James S. Morse
Township of Londonderry John Wier
Town of Truro Alexander L. Archibald
Town of Onslow Robert Dickson[5]

John Crowe (1835)

Township of Windsor David Dill [7]

Lewis Morris Wilkins (1833)

Township of Newport Felix Cochran
Township of Falmouth William H. Shey
Township of Sydney[8] Edmund Murray Dodd (1832)
Township of Arichat[8] Laurence O'Connor Doyle (1832)


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