11th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 11th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1818 and 1820.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Nova Scotia, George Ramsay.

Simon Bradstreet Robie was chosen as speaker for the house.

List of membersEdit

Electoral District Name
County of Halifax Edward Mortimer
William Lawson
Simon Bradstreet Robie
Samuel George William Archibald
County of Annapolis Thomas Ritchie
John Warwick
County of Lunenburg Francis Rudolf
John Heckman
County of Cumberland Thomas Roach
Henry Purdy
County of King's William Allen Chipman
Elisha DeWolf
County of Queen's Snow Parker
John Barss
County of Hants Shubael Dimock
William Hersey Otis Haliburton
County of Shelburne John Bingay
Abraham Lent
County of Sydney Robert Mollison Cutler
Thomas Dickson
County of Cape Breton Richard John Uniacke, Jr.
Laurence Kavanagh
Town of Halifax Henry Hezekiah Cogswell
John Albro
Town of Truro William Dickson
Town of Onslow Robert Dickson
Town of Londonderry James Fleming
Town of Annapolis Thomas Ritchie
Town of Granville Timothy Ruggles, Jr.
Town of Digby William Henry Roach
Town of Lunenburg Edward James
Town of Amherst James Shannon Morse
Town of Horton Jonathan Crane
Town of Cornwallis Charles Ramage Prescott
Town of Liverpool Joseph Freeman
Town of Windsor William Fraser
Town of Falmouth William Young
Town of Newport John Allison
Town of Shelburne Jared Ingersol Chipman
Town of Barrington William Browne Sargent
Town of Yarmouth Samuel Sheldon Poole



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