Șoimii Sibiu

Șoimii Sibiu (Falcons Sibiu) was a football team from Sibiu. They were founded in 1913 and disappeared in 2001.[1]

Șoimii Sibiu
Full nameȘoimii Sibiu Fotbal Club
Short nameȘoimii (Falcons)
GroundStadionul IPA Sibiu, Sibiu
LeagueLiga III (last time)

They were a main team in Sibiu, being four times regional champions of Sibiu. Their best pre-war performance was defeating the 6-time-in-a-row champion Chinezul Timişoara in 1927–28 quarter-finals. But after that they forfeited their semi-final tie against Jiul Lupeni.[1]

They also played three seasons in the Divizia A : 1932–33, 1933–34, 1950, but without notable performances.[1]

Chronology of namesEdit

Name [2] Period
Șoimii Sibiu 1913–1947
Șoimii CFR Sibiu 1947–1948
CFR Sibiu 1948–1950
Locomotiva Sibiu 1950–1973
Șoimii Sibiu 1973–1981
Șoimii IPA Sibiu 1981–2001


Liga II:

Liga III:

Liga IV – Sibiu County:


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