Şehzade Bayezid (son of Ahmed I)

Şehzade Bayezid was an Ottoman prince, the fourth son of Sultan Ahmed I.

Şehzade Bayezid
BornNovember 1612
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
(modern day Istanbul, Turkey)
Died27 July 1635[1]
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Ahmed I Mausoleum, Sultan Ahmed Mosque
FatherAhmed I


He was born to Ahmed I and Gulbahar Sultan. He was a few months younger than his half-brother Şehzade Murad (future sultan Murad IV). When Ahmed died on 22 November 1617, he was placed in the Kafes with his half brothers Mehmed, Murad, Suleiman, Kasim and Ibrahim in unknown period during the reign of his uncle sultan Mustafa I and possible brother Osman II. After Mustafa was deposed and replaced by Osman, his half-brother Mehmed was executed under the orders of Osman one year before being Osman was murdered by his enemies that brought Mustafa once again in the throne. After Mustafa was deposed for a second time, Bayezid's half-brother Murad was placed in the throne before him due to been older a few months. However, on 27 July 1635, he was executed along his brother Suleiman. The orders were carried out by Murad, the causes of his executions were unknown. It was most likely that he was found favored on the throne by Murad's opponents and rivals that wanted to overthrown him, or simply the cruelty that had consumed Murad.


He was murdered under the orders of Murad, on 27 July 1635, in Topkapı Palace due to some rumors that Murad's enemies wanted Bayezid in throne. He was buried in the Ahmed I Mausoleum, Sultan Ahmed Mosque.[2][3]

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