Zvezde Granda (Serbian Cyrillic: Звезде Гранда; "Grand Stars") is a Serbian reality television music competition organized by Grand Production to find new singing talents. The contestants are aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. The show features elements from the international franchises such as Idol and The X Factor. Airing primarily on Prva TV in Serbia, it also broadcasts on commercial television throughout the former Yugoslavia. The competition has 13 seasons so far.

Zvezde Granda
Zvezde Granda official logo.jpeg
GenreReality competition
Created bySaša Popović
Presented by
  • Voja Nedeljković
  • Sanja Kužet
Country of originSerbia
Original language(s)Serbian
No. of series13
No. of episodes40 per season
Running time160 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Grand Production
Picture format
Original release2004 (2004) –
present (present)
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The show has had fourteen winners so far with various other contestants who have appeared on the show and gained success in the music industry like Milica Todorović, Tanja Savić, Rada Manojlović, Milan Stanković, Milica Pavlović, Aleksandra Prijović, Katarina Grujić, Andreana Čekić and many others. Zvezde Granda is arguably the most popular talent show in the Balkans maintaining high ratings for most of the season.


Zvezde Granda was created by Grand Production owner and CEO Aleksandar Saša Popović as a Serbian answer to increasingly popular talent shows such as the Idol. The first season was broadcast in 2004 on RTV Pink.


The show starts with a round of first auditions held in front of the producers months before the show is aired, either by application and appointment, or at "open" auditions that anyone can attend. These auditions, held at various places around the Balkans, are not televised.

Those who get through get a chance to showcase their skills by singing in front of the judging panel on televised broadcasts over the next few months. The show consists of six rounds, while in each round the number of remaining contestants is reducing. In the first round, the judges cannot see the contestants and decide exclusively based on their vocal abilities. Later on contestants are also judged by their stage presence and appearance. Finalists then sing live in large venues, such as the Belgrade Arena or Zetra Olympic Hall, Sarajevo, or in the television studio and the results are based on the public vote and the votes of the judges.

The winner of Zvezde Granda is awarded with a recording and managing contract with Grand Production and a prize in form of a car or an apartment.


Since the 2013, the show has a professional judging panel, consisting of six eminent singers and musicians. The production jury, consisting of producers and creative directors, can send a contestant through to the next round even if they receive no votes from the judges.

Seasons 11 and 12 featured a secret celebrity judge, whose identity was kept secret from other judges and the candidates. Starting from the 13th season, the judges are mentors to the contestants, selecting a team of singers whose assets they believe will help them win the competition and later be successful in the business. Each mentor has a professional team of associates from the music industry by their choice, working alongside them on their contestant's vocal performance and stage appearances.

Series overviewEdit

To date, 13 series have been broadcast, as summarised below.
     Winning contestant (or mentor of)

Series Year Winner From Judges Production jury
1 2004 Branislav Mojićević   Serbia / /
2 2005 Milica Todorović   Serbia
3 2007 Dušan Svilar   Serbia Saša Popović, people from Grand Production, knowledgeable musicians and journalists
4 2008/09 Darko Lazić   Serbia
5 2010/11 Stefan Petrušić   Serbia
6 2011/12 Darko Martinović   Montenegro
7 2012/13 Amar 'Gile' Jašarspahić   Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 2013/14 Mirza Selimović   Bosnia and Herzegovina Šaban Šaulić
Zorica Brunclik
Snežana Đurišić
Aca Lukas
Dragan Stojković Bosanac
Saša Popović
Lepa Brena
Saša 'Žika' Jakšić
9 2014/15 Haris Berković   Bosnia and Herzegovina Šaban Šaulić
Zorica Brunclik
Snežana Đurišić
Aca Lukas
Dragan Stojković 'Bosanac'
Ana Bekuta
10 2015/16 Ibro Bublin   Bosnia and Herzegovina Šaban Šaulić
Aca Lukas
Dragan Stojković 'Bosanac'
Ana Bekuta
Jelena Karleuša
Marija Šerifović
guest judge (later Viki Miljković)[1]
Saša Popović
Snežana Đurišić
11 2016/17 Aleksa Perović (by judges' vote)
Riste Risteski (by public vote)
  North Macedonia
Aca Lukas
Dragan Stojković 'Bosanac'
Ana Bekuta
Jelena Karleuša
Marija Šerifović
Viki Miljković
secret judges
12 2017/18 Anid Ćušić   Bosnia and Herzegovina
13 2018/19 Džejla Ramović
(Marija Šerifović)
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Stojković Bosanac
Ana Bekuta
Jelena Karleuša1
Marija Šerifović
Viki Miljković
Đorđe David
14 2019/20 Dragan Stojković Bosanac
Ana Bekuta
Jelena Karleuša
Marija Šerifović
Viki Miljković
Đorđe David
guest mentor2
  1. ^1 Karleuša left the show during the second round due to personal reasons and was replaced by Ivana Peters, who previously worked alongside her with the contestants.
  2. ^2 Each episode different guest mentors would choose their on contestants to compete with against other judges' contestants. Guest mentors respectively were: Alen Ademović, Slađa Allegro

Regional broadcastsEdit

Country Channel Premiere date
  RTV Pink 2004
TV Prva 2014
  Kanal 5
  Nova M
Nova BH 2018


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