Amar Jašarspahić

Amar Jašarspahić (Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic: Амар Јашарспахић; born 30 December 1990), better known as Amar Gile (Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic: Амар Гиле) or only Gile, is Bosnian singer, winner of the seventh season of music competition Zvezde Granda.


He has been interested in music since the childhood; his singing talent he inherited from his mother. He plays even nine instruments. He is the winner of regional music competition Zvezde Granda, where he was outstandingly the best one in his concurrence. Since then he has been making only successful appearances; he makes arenas full, as well as clubs, everywhere throughout the Europe, Australia and America. He had several tours on the Balkans, Western Europe, Scandinavia, America, Australia. He is an active philanthropist; he helps children, youth and elderly who are in though health and material situations as well. He is UNICEF ambassador, the title he uses to fight for the children rights in the region. He finished his first album Čovek tvoga sna in the same year. In 2015, he published two songs: Trnje oko srca and Prekasno. In the following year, he made singles Pijano and Imam samo jednu želju, both with music videos (second one features famous Bosnian actor Haris Burina). In 2017, he accomplishes a great success with songs "Spreman na sve" and "Apokalipsa" (which has uncut music video).[1]



  • Zvezde Granda Winner (2013)
  • The discovery of the decade – Sarajevo (2013)
  • Popularity Oscar – Singer of the year (2013)
  • Gold Ladybug for best foreign singer in Macedonia (2014)
  • Reward for the humanist of the year (2014)
  • UNICEF title of the Ambassador of Good Will for BiH (2015)
  • Reward in Zagreb for humanitarian work (2015)
  • Reward in Skopje for humanity (2015)
  • Reward in Skopje for best singer (2015)
  • Reward "Davorin Popović" for best young singer (2015)
  • UNICEF Ambassador – BiH, region of the Balkans and International representative (2015)
  • Platinum plate – album Čovjek tvoga sna (2015)
  • Humanity award for "Taking measures for education" (2015)
  • Nation idol (Education builds BiH) (2015)
  • Honorary citizen of Kakanj city (for promotion of the city and for the humanitarian work) (2015)[2]


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