Zulma Faiad

Zulma Aurora Faiad (born February 21, 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentinian vedette and actress.

Zulma Faiad
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Zulma Aurora Faiad

(1944-02-21) February 21, 1944 (age 77)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years active1963–present
Spouse(s)Daniel Guerrero
ChildrenDaniela Guerrero
Eleonora Guerrero


Zulma Faiad grew up with her sister Virginia Faiad in the bosom of an Argentine middle-class family. Her father was Jacinto Faiad. Her parents separated when she was still very young. Her father was an accountant, and worked several hours a day, so her mother, Aurora de Faiad was concerned to give him artistic training. At age seven, she entered the school of the Teatro Colón, where she studied choreography and perfected her acting vocation with the theater.

At the beginning of the decade of the 1960, she began as an advertising model and her protagonist participation in a television advertisement of an oil brand gave birth to the affectionate popular nickname of "La Lechuguita" alluding to the characterization that she made. From the Teatro Maipo where she worked, she moved to the Teatro Nacional Cervantes.

She worked with comedians Juan Carlos Mesa and Adolfo Stray. She was one of the three famous "Singles" of Channel 13.

In cinema she had a prolific career, acting in 17 films.

In Mexico she participated in several films, being the most remembered, those in which he acted next to Mauricio Garcés. She had traveled for forty days and ended up staying seven years. She also worked as an exclusive figure for PELMEX.

During the 70's and early 80's she ventured with great success as a vedette in the theater of magazines with stars like Nélida Lobato, Dario Vittori, Silvia Legrand, Osvaldo Martínez, Carmen Barbieri and Moria Casán. In Mexico made her debut in the stages in 1969 in a play along with Maria Victoria and Marco Antonio Muñiz.

In 1990 she participated as an actress in some television shows. Already withdrawn from the theater and from the television screen, since 2000 she drove her own radio program at dawn where she stood out for her Christian spiritual messages. Also called by Marcelo Tinelli to be a jury of Bailando por un Sueño.

Since 2015, she performs the play of Aldo Funes: Mujeres de ceniza.

She entered without success in politics. She was candidate to first national deputy by the City of Buenos Aires, by the Partido de la Esperanza Porteña, in the legislative elections of October 23, 2005.[1]

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She had two well-known relations: The first one was with Melchor Arana, with whom she lived the 7 years abroad. The second was with Daniel Guerrero, with whom she married in Mexico, and of whom he had her two daughters, Daniela and Eleonora, the latter a talented singer. Her sister, Virginia Faiad, a few years younger than herself, has also, but less assiduously, ventured into acting and magazine.





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