Zhu Shuang (Chinese: 朱樉; 3 December 1356 – 19 April 1395) was an imperial prince of the Chinese Ming dynasty. He was the second son of the Hongwu Emperor, the founder of the Ming. In May 1370, the Hongwu Emperor granted the title of Prince of Qin to him, with a princely fiefdom in Xi'an.

Zhu Shuang
Prince of Qin (秦王)
SuccessorZhu Shangbing, Prince Yin
Born(1356-12-03)3 December 1356
Died9 April 1395(1395-04-09) (aged 38)
Zhu Shuang
Posthumous name
Prince Min of Qin
HouseHouse of Zhu
FatherHongwu Emperor
MotherEmpress Xiaocigao (disputed)


After his father ascended the throne, Zhu Shuang was granted the title Prince of Qin in 1370, then took his fief located in Xi'an eight years later. As he was the imperial second eldest son, he took the office Commander of Imperial Clan Court (宗人令).[1]


Consorts and Issue:

  • Consort Minlie, of the Wang clan (愍烈妃 王氏; d. 1395), the primary consort, younger sister of Köke Temür
    • Zhu Shangbing, Prince Yin of Qin (秦隱王 朱尚炳; 25 November 1380 - 21 April 1412), first son
    • Zhu Shanglie, Prince Yijian of Yongxing (永興懿簡王 朱尚烈; 29 September 1384 - 22 February 1417), second son
    • Zhu Shangyu, Prince Daoxi of Bao'an (保安悼僖王 朱尚煜; 20 November 1385 - 25 February 1410), third son
  • Lady, of the Deng clan (鄧氏), the secondary consort, daughter of Deng Yu (鄧愈)
  • Lady, of the Zhang clan (張氏)
  • Unknown
    • Zhu Shangkai (朱尚炌; b. 4 December 1394), initially was made Prince of Anding (安定王), later stripped of his title, sixth son
    • Princess Pucheng (蒲城郡主)
    • Princess Chang'an (長安郡主)
      • Married Ru Jian (茹鑒), son of Ru Chang (茹瑺)


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Zhu Shuang
Born: 3 December 1356 Died: 9 April 1395
Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Title created
Prince of Qin
Succeeded by
Zhu Shangbing, Prince Yin