Zhongxiao Road

Zhongxiao Road (Chinese: 忠孝東路、忠孝西路, also called 4th Blvd. or Chunghsiao Road) is a major arterial boulevard and part of provincial highway 5 in Taipei, Taiwan, connecting the Zhongzheng district in the west with the Daan, Songshan, Xinyi, and Nangang districts towards the east. Zhongxiao is known as a popular shopping and entertainment area, with many large department stores and shopping malls located along most of the entire stretch. About half of the Nangang Line of the Taipei Metro runs under the road, with stations located at major intersections along the road, which accounts for the significant pedestrian traffic along the road. The majority of the road is 8-10 lanes wide with a median dividing the road. At the intersection with Zhongshan Road, there is a two-lane underpass for traffic on Zhongxiao Road to bypass the intersection.

Zhongxiao East Road
Zhongxiao West Road

Notable landmarks along Zhongxiao Road include:


Zhongxiao Road is divided into east and west sections, as determined by Zhongshan Road, with two numbered sections in the west section and seven numbered sections in the east.

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Skyline of Taipei viewed from Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road

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4th Boulevard (Zhongxaio E. Road) is frequently the theme or mentioned in literature or Taiwanese popular music lyrics or titles.

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