Zhenge (Mongolian: Жэнгэ хатан, Chinese: 真哥, died 1327) was an empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Külüg Khan (Emperor Wuzong).

Empress consort of the Yuan dynasty and Khatun of Mongols
PredecessorEmpress Bulugan
SuccessorEmpress Radnashiri
DiedNovember 1327
SpouseKülüg Khan
Posthumous name
Empress Xuān Cí Huì Shèng (宣慈惠圣皇后)

She was daughter of Bengbula[1] and granddaughter of Tuolian, both notable commanders from Khongirad tribe.[2] Her aunt Tegülün Khatun was married to Kublai. She had a brother called Maizhuhan.

She was created empress by Külüg in 1310.[3] She had no children and left the palace in 1313 to become a bhikkuni.

She died in November 1327 and was interred together with her late husband.[4] She was posthumously given name Empress Xuān Cí Huì Shèng (Chinese: 宣慈惠圣皇后; lit. 'Kind', 'virtuous and holy empress') by Yesün Temür.

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