Zhangye West railway station

Zhangye West railway station (simplified Chinese: 张掖西站; traditional Chinese: 張掖西站; pinyin: Zhāngyē Xī Zhàn) is a railway station located in China's Gansu Province, Zhangye City, Ganzhou District. It was put into operation on December 26, 2014.[1][2] It serves the Lanzhou–Xinjiang High-Speed Railway with High Speed services between Lanzhou and Urumqi and conventional services connecting Urumqi to various cities in Eastern and South Western China. It is the second railway station serving Zhangye, with Zhangye railway station which serves the conventional LanXin Railway.


Other namesZhangye Xi
LocationDanxia West Road
Danxia Xi Lu, Ganzhou District, Zhangye, Gansu
Coordinates38°55′19.9″N 100°25′43.41″E / 38.922194°N 100.4287250°E / 38.922194; 100.4287250
Operated byMinistry of Railways of the People's Republic of China
Line(s)Lanzhou–Xinjiang high-speed railway
Lanzhou–Zhangye high-speed railway (under construction)
Platforms5 (1 side, 2 island)
OpenedDecember 26, 2014

Scheduled servicesEdit

There are 22 trains scheduled as of March 19, 2015

Train number Originating station Destination station Arrival time Departure time Train type
Z106 Urumqi South Jinan 07:39 07:42 Fast AC Express
Z136 Urumqi South Guangzhou 09:14 09:20 Fast AC Express
K544 Urumqi South Chongqing North 09:33 9:35 AC Express
D2744 Jiayuguan South Lanzhou West 09:57 09:59 EMU
D2741 Lanzhou West Jiayuguan South 10:49 10:51 EMU
D2701 Lanzhou West Urumqi South 11:40 11:43 EMU
D2742 Jiayuguan South Lanzhou West 13:58 14:01 EMU
D2703 Lanzhou West Urumqi South 14:04 14:06 EMU
K2059 Chengdu Urumqi South 14:49 14:54 AC Express
K1352 Urumqi South Lianyangang East 15:55 15:59 AC Express
K2060 Urumqi South Chengdu 16:18 16:25 AC Express
D2745 Lanzhou West Jiayuguan South 16:52 16:55 EMU
K543 Chongqing North Urumqi South 17:40 17:42 AC Express
D2704 Urumqi South Lanzhou West 17:56 17:58 EMU
D2702 Urumqi South Lanzhou West 19:19 19:21 EMU
Z135 Guangzhou Urumqi South 19:28 19:31 Fast AC Express
D2716 Urumqi South Xining 19:35 19:39 EMU
D2746 Jiayuguan South Lanzhou West 20:12 20:14 EMU
D2743 Lanzhou West Jiayuguan South 20:39 20:41 EMU
K1351 Lianyungang East Urumqi South 21:25 21:27 AC Express
Z41 Shanghai Urumqi South 22:23 22:25 Fast AC Express
Z105 Jinan Urumqi South 23:00 23:03 Fast AC Express


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