Zhang Jianya

Zhang Jianya (Chinese: 张建亚, pronounced [ʈʂɑ́ŋ tɕi̯ɛ̂ni̯â]) (born 1951) is a Chinese film director. As a graduate of the 1982 class of the Beijing Film Academy, Zhang is a founding member of the so-called Fifth Generation, a group that also includes in its numbers directors such as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, and Tian Zhuangzhuang.[1]

Zhang Jianya
Inaugural day Ceremony, IFFI Goa 2014 Image (2).jpg
Jianya (center) at IFFI 2014
Born1951 (age 71–72)
Shanghai, China
OccupationFilm director & producer
Years active1980s-present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese张建亚
Simplified Chinese張建亞

Directorial careerEdit

Trained as a carpenter, Zhang's cinematic career began when he joined the Shanghai Film Studio in the mid-1970s as an actor.[1] Upon his graduation in 1982, Zhang directed the children's film, Red Elephant, with his classmates, Tian, and Xie Xiaojing, and helped the studio head Wu Yigong direct the 1987 West German co-production, The Tribulations of Young Master.[2] Beginning with 1988's Kidnapping Karajan, Zhang has carved himself a niche with urban comedies, often based in the city of Shanghai.[1]

Zhang Jianya has also expanded his interests into producing in his role as the head of the 3rd Creative Group at the Shanghai Film Studio, as well as into other genres, including action-thrillers such as 1999's Crash Landing and 2002's Red Snow.[2]

Selected filmographyEdit

As directorEdit

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1982 Red Elephant 红象 Co-directed with Tian Zhuangzhuang and Xie Xiaojing
1986 Trapped in a Frozen River 冰河死亡线 Solo-debut; also known as Ice River
1987 The Tribulations of Young Master 少爷的磨难 Co-directed with Wu Yigong
1988 Kidnapping Karajan 绑架卡拉扬
1992 San Mao Joins the Army 三毛从军记
1993 Mr. Wang: Flames of Desire 王先生之欲火焚身
1994 Narrow Escape 绝境逢生
1999 Crash Landing 紧急迫降
2000 Happy Angels 开心哆来咪
2003 Red Snow 極地營救
2007 Call for Love 爱情呼叫转移
2007 The Dream is Alive 东方大港
2008 Fit Lover 爱情呼叫转移2: 爱情左右
2014 My Amazing Trip to India [3] First Chinese film on India


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