Zavratnica is a 900 m long narrow inlet located at the foot of the mighty Velebit Mountains, in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, 1 km south of Jablanac, Croatia. Regarded as one of the major tourist attractions of the northern coastal area because of its beauty, Zavratnica was designated a protected landscape in 1964.

View of Zavratnica inlet, near Jablanac, in the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia.
Bird's eye view.


Zavratnica is 50–150 m wide, with a narrow entrance, and up to 100 m sides which are very steep. It only resembles a fjord. Its geological origin is very different from the formation of fjords. A mountain stream became flooded as the surface of the sea rose (transgression after the last ice age), and so a cove was formed quite similar in appearance to a fjord.[1]

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