Zang Jinsheng

Zang Jinsheng (Chinese: 臧金生; pinyin: Zāng Jīnshēng; born 11 May 1959) is a Chinese actor. He is a member of the China Television Artists Association, Institute of Broadcasting and Television of China, and China Film Association. He is best known for portraying Lu Zhishen and Zhu Bajie in the television series The Water Margin (1998) and Journey to the West (2011) respectively.

Zang Jinsheng
Born (1959-05-11) 11 May 1959 (age 60)
EducationBeijing Film Academy
Years active1985–present
Lu Ping (m. 1987)
ChildrenZang Jian (b. 1988)

Early lifeEdit

Zang was born in Tianjin on 11 May 1959. He worked in a factory during the Cultural Revolution and also served in the People's Liberation Army.[1]

In 1982, Zang enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy, where he majored in acting. He was assigned to the Beijing Film Studio as an actor after graduating in 1986.[1]

Acting careerEdit

Zang began his career by appearing in minor roles in television series and films such as Gold King, The Case of the Silver Snake, Warrioress Errant Hei Hudie, Dragon Year Cops, After Separation, Monk Jigong and Ye Jianying. In 1993, he played Wuzhu, a general of the Jin dynasty, in the historical television series The Life of Yue Fei.

Zang rose to prominence in 1998 for portraying "Flowery Monk" Lu Zhishen in the television series The Water Margin, which was adapted from Shi Nai'an's classical novel of the same title.[2]

In 2001, Zang appeared in a minor role as Monk Bujie in the wuxia television series Laughing in the Wind, an adaptation of Hong Kong writer Jin Yong's novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. He also played Hsinbyushin in the ancient costume comedy My Fair Princess III (2003), which was adapted from Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao's novels.

In 2008, Zang portrayed Zhang Fei in John Woo's Red Cliff, an epic war film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs. In 2009, he played Xie Xun in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, a wuxia television series adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same title. He also had a minor role as Qin Shi Huang in the television series The Myth (2010).

In 2011, Zang co-starred with Wu Yue, Nie Yuan and Elvis Tsui in Journey to the West as Zhu Bajie.[3][4] The series had one of the highest viewership ratings in mainland China that year.[5] In 2012, Zang played Duoji in Turbulence of the Mu Clan, a historical television series starring South Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun.

Personal lifeEdit

Zang married singer Lu Ping (卢萍), a graduate student in folk music at the Central Conservatory of Music, when he was 28. Their son, Zang Jian (臧剑), was born in 1988.[1]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1985 Gold King 《淘金王》 Xu Tianxiong
1986 《一马走江湖》 Dou Erdun
1988 The Case of the Silver Snake 《银蛇谋杀案》 Shi Hengshan
Warrioress Errant Hei Hudie 《游侠黑蝴蝶》 Hei Xiong
1989 《山魂霹雳》 Dayan
1990 Dragon Year Cops 《龙年警官》 guest
《血泊皇陵》 Liu Yunpeng
1992 War of Divorce 《离婚大战》 Lunzi
1993 Human Night in Painted Skin 《画皮之阴阳法王》 Ran'gong
1994 After Separation 《大撒把》 guest
1997 《大风堂》 guest
2003 《同喜同喜》 Brother Wu
2004 《良心作证》 Zhang Ziqiang
2008 Red Cliff 《赤壁》 Zhang Fei
Fit Lover 《爱情呼叫转移2》 guest
2009 《赤壁:决战天下》 Zhang Fei
2013 Out of Inferno 《逃出生天3D》


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1989 Monk Jigong 《济公活佛》 Han Tianpeng
1992 Ye Jianying 《叱咤香洲叶剑英》 Yuan Dai
1993 The Life of Yue Fei 《说岳后传》 Wuzhu
1994 Mountains and Plains 《山野》 Zhuhongbizi
1996 The Water Margin 《水浒传》 Lu Zhishen
1998 《喜鹊东南飞》 Yu Fengkui
2000 《边城落日》 a bandit
2001 Laughing in the Wind 《笑傲江湖》 Monk Bujie
2002 Princess Is Going to Married 《格格要出嫁》 Ejei Khan
Rove Wander 《浪迹天涯》 Businessman Tao
Guanxi Limitless Knife 《关西无极刀》 a swordsman
2003 My Fair Princess III 《还珠格格3》 Hsinbyushin
2004 Unhappy Marriage 《啼笑因缘》 General Liu
The Story of Han Dynasty 《大汉风》 Wang Li
Female of Han Dynasty 《大汉巾帼》 Xiang Yu
Wudang 《武当》 Hengmei
Story of Drunken Zhang San 《醉侠张三》 His Royal Highness
2005 Heroes of the War 《喋血英雄》 Li Yiwen
Clan Feuds 《大旗英雄传》 Pilihuo
Tang Paradise 《大唐芙蓉园》 An Lushan
2006 Empress Dowager Feng 《北魏冯太后》 Tuoba Zitui
The Rise of the Tang Empire 《贞观之治》 Dou Jiande
Home with Kids 《家有儿女3》
Let's Remarry 《我们复婚吧》
2007 The Case of Yang Sanjie 《杨三姐告状》 General Xiong
Children of Hongqiqu 《红旗渠的儿女们》 Brother He
2009 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 《倚天屠龙记》 Xie Xun
2010 The Myth 《神话》 Qin Shi Huang
A Race-Course 《跑马场》 Prince Gong
《风华正茂》 Wu Peifu
Have No Choice 《别无选择》 Zhong Dawei
2011 Journey to the West 《西游记》 Zhu Bajie
New My Fair Princess 《新还珠格格》 Liang Tinggui
Happy Angel 《快乐俏天使》
Susan 《苏三》 Monk Yin'guo
2012 Turbulence of the Mu Clan 《木府风云》 Duoji
Cao Cao 《盖世英雄曹操》 Xun Yu


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