Yusuf Khan (Armenian)

Yusuf Khan (also spelled Yusof Khan), was a Safavid gholam and official of Armenian origin, who served as the governor of Astarabad (1604), Shamakhi (1610-?), and Shirvan (1610–1624) during the reign of king Abbas I (r. 1588–1629). Originally a Christian, Yusuf was first employed in the royal mews, and because of his apparent skill in handling and hunting birds and animals, he was soon given the rank of "master of the hunt" (mīr shekār-bāshi). Thereafter, he became governor of Shirvan and Shamakhi.

When Abbas I decided to marry his granddaughter to Semayun Khan (Simon II) in 1624, Yusuf Khan was ordered by Qarachaqay Khan, likewise of Christian Armenian origin and a childhood friend, to host the banquet in the first term of the wedding party.

Yusuf Khan was murdered on the orders of Murav Beg (Giorgi Saakadze), after the latter decided to conspire with the Georgian rebel leaders.


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Preceded by
Hoseyn Khan Ziyadoghlu Qajar
Governor of Astarabad
Succeeded by
Fereydun Khan Cherkes
Preceded by
Ali Beg Ustajlu
Master of the hunt (mīr shekār-bāshi)
Succeeded by
Farhad Beg Cherkes
Preceded by
Zu'l Fiqar Qaramanlu
Governor of Shamakhi
Succeeded by
Allahverdi Khan (1704)
Preceded by
Zu'l Fiqar Qaramanlu
Governor of Shirvan
Succeeded by
Qazaq Khan Cherkes