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Yukon Jack (liqueur)

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Yukon Jack is a liqueur advertised as the "Black sheep of Canadian Liquors".[1] It is a 100 proof (in the US) or 80 proof (in Canada) drink made from Canadian whisky and honey. The taste is sweeter than straight whisky and bourbon due to the added honey.[2]

Yukon Jack was formerly imported to the US by Heublein Inc.[3] Heublein was later taken over by Diageo.[4] In November 2018, Diageo sold Yukon Jack to the Sazerac Company.[5]

Yukon Jack was selected as the regimental liqueur of the South Alberta Light Horse.[1] This commemorates the stationing in Whitehorse, Yukon in the 1950s of one unit of the regiment's predecessor, the 19th Alberta Dragoons.[6]


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