Yugoslavia in War 1941–1945

Yugoslavia in War 1941–1945 (Serbian Latin: Jugoslavija u ratu 1941–1945.) is a Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) documentary series first broadcast in the early 1990s. The documentary includes participants and eyewitnesses from the war, as well as notable Yugoslav, British, German, Russian and Italian historians, publicists and journalists. The documentary attempts to provide multiple viewpoints for significant events of that time period.[1]

Yugoslavia in War 1941–1945
Directed byMilan Kundaković
Produced byBožidar Nikolić
Written byBožidar Nikolić
Narrated byBožidar Nikolić
Distributed byRTS
Release date
Running time
60–90 min (26 parts)
LanguageSerbo-Croatian, German, English, Italian


Number Title Original title Overview Contributors
1 March 27 27. mart Yugoslav coup d'état
2 April 6 6. April Invasion of Yugoslavia
3 April 10 10. travanj Creation of Independent State of Croatia
4 Serbia, spring of 1941 Srbija, proleće 1941. Creation of Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia
5 Serbia, summer of 1941 Serbia, leto 1941. Uprising in Serbia
6 Serbia fall of 1941 Srbija, jesen 1941. Partisan-Chetnik split and beginning of civil war, Operation Užice
7 13 July uprising Trinaestojulski ustanak 13 July uprising, battle of Pljevlja
8 Independent State of Croatia - Ustashi revolution NDH - ustaška revolucija Ustashi atrocities in 1941, Glina massacre, creation of Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia
9 Independent State of Croatia - Flowers of Croatom NDH - cvijet hrvatsva Bosnia and Bosnian Muslims in 1941
10 Preemptive liquidations Preventive likvidacije Left leanings
11 Dark Side of Pacification of Independent State of Croatia Naličje pacifikacije NDH Creation of Croatian Orthodox Church, Ustasha-Chetnik collaboration, Battle of Kozara
12 Pacification of Serbia Umirivanje Srbije Government of National Salvation
13 Yugoslav Government in Exile Jugoslovenska vlada u izbeglištvu Yugoslav Government in Exile
14 Black and White Crno i belo Republic of Bihać, Case White, March negotiations, Case Black
16 Federations Federacije Plans of all sides for post-war organization of Yugoslav territories
16 British Bet or Conspiracy Britanski ulog ili zavera Role of SOE in Churchill's decision to abandon Chetniks and support partisans
17 State of reconciliation Država pomirenja Second session of AVNOJ
18 British Finale Britanska završnica Vis Agreement
19 Vendée Vandeja
20 Migration Selidba Liberation of Serbia and Belgrade Offensive
21 Stalin's finale Staljinova završnica Temporary Government of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
22 May Maj Syrmian Front and the end of war
23 Vatican and Yugoslavia Vatikan i Jugoslavija
24 War Stories Ratne priče Minor and side events and anecdotes from the war
25 Stepinac Stepinac Alojzije Stepinac and Catholic clergy involvement with the Ustaše
26 Slovenia Slovenija


Direct participants and eyewitnessesEdit

Members of Yugoslav government and Yugoslav Royal ArmyEdit




  • Claus Vogell, a captain of Wehrmacht
  • Julian Amery
  • Peter Kemp
  • Ljuban Jednak, the sole survivor of Glina massacre

Historians, publicists and journalistsEdit




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