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Yuen Long Town (2016)
Yuen Long Town (2010)

Yuen Long Town (Chinese: 元朗市, Cantonese: jyun4 long5 si5, Pinyin: Yuánlǎng Shì, formerly Un Long Town or Un Long Hui) is located in the district centre of Yuen Long District, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is the heart of Yuen Long and Yuen Long New Town, with a population of around 200,000.



Yuen Long Town at night, spotting a Light Rail Vehicle stopping at Tai Tong Road Stop.
Shap Pat Heung

Yuen Long Town is located in the centre of Yuen Long. It was built on granite and is divided into an eastern part and a western part by the Shan Pui River; it is also divided into a northern part and a southern part by Castle Peak Road.

The most prosperous part of Yuen Long Town is to the east of Shan Pui River, near Castle Peak Road. Many different types of shops can be found there, gaining the nickname "Mong Kok of the west".


Yuen Long Town was called Un Long Hui early in the 20th century. It was the main market town in Yuen Long at the time, located in the urban heart of Yuen Long. After the development of Yuen Long New Town, the name "Yuen Long Town" has been used only occasionally. Nevertheless, big companies like Kowloon Motor Bus, and the District Council still use "Yuen Long Town". Some road signs still have "Yuen Long Town" on them, but most of those were erected in the 1990s. Most of the road signs now use "Yuen Long" instead of "Yuen Long Town".

Yuen Long Town developed from Yuen Long Kau Hui (literally Yuen Long Old Market) and Yuen Long San Hui (literally Yuen Long New Market). In 1972, the government included Yuen Long Town into the Government's town expansion scheme. Many buildings sprang up at the time, leading to a high number of buildings over 20 years old in Yuen Long Town.

Since 1978, Yuen Long New Town has been built over the original Yuen Long Town, with the New Town being the district centre of the New Territories northwest. Many new facilities, for example the Yuen Long Police Station, the Yuen Long Town Hall, and the Yuen Long Stadium, were built on the lesser developed western side of the Shan Pui River.


A panoramic view of Yuen Long Town – to the left is Long Ping Estate, to the right is Yuen Long Centre and the foreground is Tin Shui Wai Station
Yuen Long (East) bus terminus at Yuen Long Town

In the past, Yuen Long Town relied on main roads like Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun Road, Lam Kam Road, Route Twisk and Route 9. The Yuen Long Highway and the San Tin Highway are used to connect to other areas in Hong Kong.

However, because of the dependence upon Castle Peak Road and Tuen Mun Road, an accident on either road would put traffic to a complete standstill. However, after the completion of Route 3 (via Tai Lam Tunnel) in 1998, the traffic improved by a great deal and many destinations could be reached in reduced time.

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Since 1988, the Light Rail has been serving the area between Tuen Mun and the heart of Yuen Long, having been an essential part of everyday life for commuters. In December 2003, West Rail Line went into operation. It only takes around 20 minutes for residents in Yuen Long Town to go to Nam Cheong, near Sham Shui Po.


Yuen Long is served by many bus routes, mostly operated by the KMB.

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  • Buses
    • KMB: N269
    • LWB: N30, N30S, NA34
    • Harbour crossing: N368
  • Public light bus
    • Green minibus: 606S, 607S, 610S, 616S


Yuen Long is served by urban red taxis and NT green taxis. The red taxis provide service to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, whereas the green taxis provide connections within NT. Both types make connections to Hong Kong International Airport.

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