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Yuen Long (Chinese: 元朗) is a town in the western New Territories, Hong Kong. To its west lie Hung Shui Kiu (洪水橋), Tin Shui Wai, Lau Fau Shan and Ha Tsuen, to the south Shap Pat Heung and Tai Tong, to the east Au Tau and Kam Tin (錦田), and to the north Nam Sang Wai.

Yuen Long
Castle Peak Road is the major road in Yuen Long Town
Skyline of Yuen Long Town


The Cantonese name Yuen Long may refer to the limits of the original market town, Yuen Long New Town, Yuen Long Plain or Yuen Long District.

Market townEdit

The central part of Yuen Long was traditionally a market town, in the area now known as Yuen Long San Hui (元朗新墟), in Yuen Long District, where people from the surrounding villages sold their crops and fish. The market is still a place where people from villages in the northwest New Territories shop and trade. Like many market towns in Hong Kong, the market operates only on certain days each week. Modern shopping malls and restaurants have also established.

New townsEdit

Shan Pui River passing through Yuen Long Town

Two new towns have been developed in Yuen Long since the 1970s:

Yuen Long New Town was developed by the market town in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Tin Shui Wai New Town was established in the 1990s to the west of Yuen Long New Town, as separate from Yuen Long New Town. It is mostly residential.

There are Light Rail Transit and several bus routes serving between the two towns.

Housing estateEdit

The private residential estate Fairview Park is in the northeast part of Yuen Long.


The earliest market in Yuen Long was south of the main road, near Tai Kei Leng. In 1669, the market was moved north to the area near the present-day Yuen Long Station. This area is now known as Yuen Long Kau Hui (元朗舊墟, lit. "old Yuen Long Town"). This market is sited south of a small hill. While it is far from the coast today, it was beside the seashore when the market was first built.

Cheung Shing Street, which separates Nam Pin Wai and Sai Pin Wai, divides the centre of the market. Temples were built for worship and to judge disputes. After the British leased the New Territories in 1898, they built Castle Peak Road to connect major areas of the New Territories and Kowloon. The villagers proposed and moved the market town to the main road. After the Second World War, Yuen Long Town dramatically increased in size, going from a small village into a large town known for its numerous cultural and sporting events.

2019 Yuen Long attackEdit

The moment that a female journalist of Stand News, was attacked[1] in Yuen Long.

The 2019 Yuen Long attack was a mob attack that occurred on 21 July 2019, in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.[2][3][4] A mob of over 100 armed men dressed in white indiscriminately attacked civilians on the streets and passengers in the Yuen Long MTR station[5][6] including the elderly, children,[7] black-clad protesters,[8] journalists and lawmakers.[9] At least 45 people were injured in the incident,[10] including a pregnant woman.[11] The attack happened following an anti-extradition bill protest in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong and was an act threatening the pro-democracy protesters who were returning home to Yuen Long.


Climate data for Yuen Long
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 19.2
Daily mean °C (°F) 15.5
Average low °C (°F) 11.8
Average precipitation mm (inches) 27
[citation needed]

Cross-border activitiesEdit

Due to their proximity to the Shenzhen border in China's Guangdong province, towns in the northern parts of Hong Kong, notably Sheung Shui and Yuen Long, have become hubs for parallel traders who have been buying up large quantities of goods, forcing up local prices and disrupting the daily lives of local citizens.[12][13] Since 2012, there has been a vertiginous increase in Chinese parallel traders arriving in the North District of Hong Kong to re-export infant formula and household products – goods popular with the Chinese – across the border to Shenzhen.[14] Trafficking caused chronic local shortages of milk powder in Hong Kong, which led the government to impose restrictions on the amount of milk powder exports from Hong Kong.[15]

The first anti-parallel trading protest was started at Sheung Shui in September 2012.[16] As government efforts to limit the adverse impact of Chinese trafficking were widely seen as inadequate, there have been further subsequent protests in towns in the North District including Sheung Shui.[17][18] A campaign called Liberate Yuen Long was mounted on 1 March 2015 by localist groups to protest smuggling and parallel trading.

Public transportEdit

The following information show transportation in Yuen Long.

Inside Yuen Long TownEdit



Outside Yuen Long Town (except via Yuen Long Town)Edit


  • KMB routes 51, 64S, 69C, 69M, 69P, 69X, 251A, 251B, 251M, 265B, 265M, 265S, 269A, 269B, 269C, 269M, 269P, 276A, 276B
  • MTR Bus routes K75, K75A, K75P
  • Long Win Bus routes A37, E34A, E34X
  • New Lantao Bus routes B2P, B2X
  • Citybus routes 967, 967X, 969, 969A, 969B, 969C, 969P, 969X, N969


  • MTR West Rail Line
  • Light Rail routes 705, 706 and 751


Yuen Long residents are mainly local ethnic Han with a sizable Hoa immigrants, Vietnamese Chinese from the 1970s to 1990s.


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