Youth Initiative for Human Rights

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Serbo-Croatian: Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava; Albanian: Nisma e të Rinjve për të Drejtat e Njeriut) or YIHR is a network of autonomous non-governmental organization active in Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1] It is focused on building connections and establishing cooperation between young people from different ethnic groups in Balkans.[2]

Youth Initiative for Human Rights
Legal statusNGO
HeadquartersRegional (Zagreb, Beograd, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Priština)
Region served


Official language
Serbo-Croatian, Albanian, English

YIHR supported the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) through information dissemination and education and monitoring of human rights.[2] It also organizes visits to the International Commission on Missing Persons.[3]

In 2008 Croatian branch of the organization was established which led to transformation of national offices/programs into autonomous organizations that established a regional YIHR Regional Network in 2010.[4]

On 25 September 2013 the European Court of Human Rights delivered the judgment in the case of Youth Initiative for Human Rights v. Serbia stating that there has been a violation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and that Serbia must ensure, within three months from the date on which the judgment with the information requested.[5] The Kosovo and Serbia branches work together on campaigns against the glorification of war criminals, which occurs in both countries.[6]

Regional network won several awards, including being the corecipient of the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize in 2019.[7][8]

Regional network of organizations edit

YIHR - Serbia edit

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia (YIHR SR) was founded in 2003 in Belgrade. The executive director is Bojan Stanković.[9]

YIHR - Kosovo edit

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo (YIHR KS) was founded in 2004 in Priština. As of 2017 the executive director is Marigona Shabiu.[10]

YIHR - Bosnia and Herzegovina edit

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BiH) was established in 2007 in Sarajevo. Executive director is Irena Hasić.[11]

YIHR - Croatia edit

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia (YIHR HR) was registered in 2008 from previous YIHR Zagreb office. Executive director is Morana Starčević.[12]

YIHR - Montenegro edit

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Montenegro (YIHR HR) was founded in 2008. Executive director is Edina Hasanaga Čobaj.[13]

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