Yor-yor (film)

Yor-yor or Gde ty, moya Zulfiya? (transliteration of the Russian title of the film meaning "Where are You, My Zulfiya?") (Uzbek: Yor-yor, Ёр-ёр; Russian: Где ты моя, Зульфия?) is a 1964 Uzbek comedy produced by Ali Hamroyev.[1][2] The film is considered to be one of the best Uzbek comedies and has been dubbed the "national comedy."[3]

Yor-yor (1964 film).jpg
A screenshot from the movie (in Russian)
Directed byAli Hamroyev
Written byRahmat Fayziy
  • Sohib Xoʻjayev
  • Baxtiyor Ixtiyorov
  • Shukur Burhonov
  • Alim Xoʻjayev
  • Razzoq Hamroyev
  • Rahim Pirmuhamedov
  • O. Tojiboyeva
  • Gʻani Aʼzamov
  • Tursunoy Jaʼfarova
  • Raʼno Hamroyeva
  • Hamza Umarov
  • Habib Narimonov
  • N. Eshmuhamedov
  • Qudrat Hojiyev
  • M. Orifjonova
  • U. Xoʻjayev
  • S. Ikromov
Music by
  • Albert Malakhov
  • Manas (Minasay) Leviyev
  • A. Zokirov
Edited byOdil Yoqubov
Release date
  • 1964 (1964)
Running time
70 minutes
CountriesUzbek SSR, USSR
LanguageUzbek and Russian


Baxtiyor (played by Baxtiyor Ixtiyorov) falls in love with a girl (Zulfiya) that he sees on TV. Deciding to find her, Baxtiyor travels across the Uzbek SSR with his father. They meet many different people and experience both funny and sad adventures, but do not find Zulfiya. Upon returning to Tashkent, Baxtiyor and his family move to a new flat from their old house which was located in an old part of the city. In the closing scene, Baxtiyor finds out that he and Zulfiya are neighbors in the new apartment block.


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