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Smiling portrait of Yitzhak Buxbaum c. 2015, wearing glasses, colourful Mizrahi-style kippah, white jacket
Yitzhak Buxbaum

Yitzhak Buxbaum is an American author and maggid (preacher/storyteller).


Published workEdit

Most of Buxbaum's books and articles relate to Hasidism, especially its storytelling tradition, and Neo-Hasidism. He has authored the following books.

  • Jewish Spiritual Practices Jason Aronson, 1991 ISBN 978-1-56821-206-7
  • Storytelling and Spirituality in Judaism Jason Aronson, 1994 ISBN 978-1-56821-173-2
  • Real Davvening: Jewish Prayer as a Spiritual Practice and a Form of Meditation for Beginning and Experienced Davveners |Jewish Spirit Booklet Series, 1996 ISBN 978-1-5114-3313-6
  • An Open Heart: The Mystic Path of Loving People . Jewish Spirit Booklet Series, 1997 ISBN 978-0-9657-1122-7
  • A Tu BeShvat Seder: The Feast of Fruits from the Tree of Life Jewish Spirit Booklet Series, 1998 ISBN 978-0-9657-1123-4
  • The Life and Teachings of Hillel 376 pp. Jason Aronson, 2000 ISBN 978-1-56821-049-0 According to WorldCat, the book is held in 168 libraries[1]
  • A Person is Like a Tree: A Sourcebook for Tu BeShvat Jason Aronson, 2000 ISBN 978-0-7657-6128-6
  • Storytelling and Spirituality in Judaism Jason Aronson, 2001 ISBN 978-0-7657-6166-8
  • Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy Jossey-Bass, 2002 ISBN 978-0-7879-6272-2
  • Jewish Tales of Holy Women Jossey-Bass, 2002 ISBN 978-1-118-10443-9
  • The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov Continuum, 2005 ISBN 978-0-8264-1772-5
  • Serach at the Seder: A Haggadah Supplement, illustrations by Shoshannah Brombacher Jewish Spirit, 2012

Reviews of Buxbaum's work have appeared in Jewish publications with a variety of perspectives,[2] including The Algemeiner Journal,[3] Hadassah Magazine,[4] The Jewish Chronicle,[5] and Tikkun.[6] His books have been reviewed for broader audiences in the journal Parabola[7] and the website Spirituality and Practice.[8][9]

Manuscripts and drafts of The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov are archived at Cornell University Library.[10]


Buxbaum tells stories "in Jewish and non-Jewish settings to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences", with a focus on "the spiritual nature of storytelling."[11][12] He has been grouped among "the most active tellers in the Jewish world."[13]

Maggid training programEdit

Building on his ordination as a maggid by Shlomo Carlebach,[14] Buxbaum established a program to train women and men as maggidim (plural of maggid).[15] Graduates include Shoshana Litman, described as Canada's first ordained female Jewish storyteller,[16] and Tamir Zaltsman, who states that he is the first ordained Russian-speaking maggid.[17] Some graduates are themselves training maggidim.[18]

Background and personal lifeEdit

Buxbaum graduated from Cornell University (class of 1964).[10]

He has told interviewers that as a young man, he identified as an atheist and felt disconnected from his Jewish roots. But a time of intense soul-searching, and encounters with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, led him to devote his life to Jewish spirituality.[19]

In 2007, Buxbaum was one of six spiritual leaders from different faiths who opened the memorial celebration for Sri Chinmoy at the United Nations.[20]

Buxbaum lives in Brooklyn. He is married to actor and storyteller Carole Forman.[21]


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External linksEdit

Article by Yitzhak Buxbaum: Real Davening: Chasidic Answers to the Crisis in Prayer. The Jewish Review: A Journal of Torah, Judaism, Philosophy, Life and Culture 4:3 (March 1991 / Adar 5751)