Yeruham Dam

Tel-Yeruham Dam, also known as, Yeruham Dam is a masonry dam situated on the Revivim Stream, a tributary of the HaBesor Stream, in Yeruham, Southern District, Israel. The dam has many purposes which include flood control, irrigation, municipal water supply, tourism and recreation. It impounded Lake Yeruham between 1953 and 1954. In 1974 the area around the lake was improved with plants and facilities to improve recreation.[2]

Yeruham Dam
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Downstream face of the dam
Yeruham Dam is located in Israel
Yeruham Dam
Location of Yeruham Dam in Israel
Coordinates30°59′23.28″N 34°53′29.08″E / 30.9898000°N 34.8914111°E / 30.9898000; 34.8914111Coordinates: 30°59′23.28″N 34°53′29.08″E / 30.9898000°N 34.8914111°E / 30.9898000; 34.8914111
PurposeFlood control, irrigation, municipal water, tourism, recreation
Construction began1951
Opening date1954; 67 years ago (1954)
Dam and spillways
Type of damMasonry
ImpoundsRevivim Stream
Height15 m (49 ft)
Length80 m (260 ft)
Spillway typeOverflow, uncontrolled
CreatesLake Yeruham
Total capacity9,000,000 m3 (7,300 acre⋅ft)[1]
Surface area60.7 ha (150 acres)


Construction on the dam began in 1951 and was completed 2 years later in 1953. After Construction, the dam had problems of leakage happening through the walls. Repairs were carried out and reduced the seepage losses of water from 30cm/day to 12mm/day.[3]

Yeruham Reservoir


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