Yeda Rorato Crusius (born July 26, 1944) is an economist and former governor of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul until December 31, 2011.[1] She was the first female governor of the state.[2] She wrote her autobiography.[3]

Yeda Rorato Crusius
Yeda Crusius em dezembro de 2017.jpg
Federal Deputy for Rio Grande do Sul
Assumed office
5 January 2017
In office
1 February 1995 – 22 December 2006
36th Governor of Rio Grande do Sul
In office
1 January 2007 – 1 January 2011
Vice GovernorPaulo Feijó
Preceded byGermano Rigotto
Succeeded byTarso Genro
Minister of Planning, Budget and Coordination of the Presidency
In office
26 January 1993 – 10 May 1993
PresidentItamar Franco
Preceded byPaulo Roberto Haddad
Succeeded byAlexis Stepanenko
Personal details
Born (1944-07-26) 26 July 1944 (age 75)
São Paulo, Brazil
Political partyPSDB
Spouse(s)Carlos Augusto Crusius

Background and political associationsEdit

She graduated in Economics from the University of São Paulo and Vanderbilt University. She has been living in Porto Alegre since 1970, when she married Carlos Augusto Crusius. In 1990, she joined PSDB.

Court casesEdit

Crusius was accused of environmental crimes during her tenure as Rio Grande do Sul governor but was acquitted by Gilmar Mendes.[4] She was also prosecuted for alleged corruption and money laundering activities in 2006 and 2010 involving the Odebrecht Group.[5] This Brazilian conglomerate was accused of making payments for Crusius' congressional campaign.[6] The In 2019, the 3rd Federal Court of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, convicted her for administrative misconduct over a fraud scheme that involved Rio Grande do Sul State Traffic Department (Detran-RS), the Technology and Science Support Foundation (Fatec), and the Educational and Cultural Foundation for Development.[7]


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