Ydre Østerbro

Ydre Østerbro (lit. English: Outer Østerbro) is an area in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the part of the district of Østerbro located farthest from the City Centre. It lies on the northeast border of the municipality. It covers an area of 5.08 km2, has a population of 35,937 and a population density of 7,081 per km2.

Neighboring city districts are as follows:

Colloquially, the Ydre Østerbro ("Outer Østerbro"), along with its neighboring city district to the south— Indre Østerbro ("Inner Østerbro")— are often collectively referred to as "Østerbro". However, they are technically two separate legal units within the Copenhagen municipality.


  • Lake Emdrup (Emdrup Sø)

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Coordinates: 55°43′12″N 12°33′46″E / 55.7200°N 12.5628°E / 55.7200; 12.5628