Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Yasuhiro Yoshiura (吉浦 康裕, Yoshiura Yasuhiro) (born 1980) is a Japanese writer and director of animated short films. Many of his works such as Pale Cocoon and Time of Eve have garnered awards and featured at film festivals. His production studio is called Studio Rikka.[1]

Yasuhiro Yoshiura
吉浦 康裕
26th Tokyo International Film Festival Yasuhiro Yoshiura.jpg
Born (1980-04-03) April 3, 1980 (age 40)
Alma materKyushu University
OccupationAnime director, screenwriter
Years active2001–present


Yoshiura was born in Hokkaido and was raised in Fukuoka. He majored in art engineering at Kyushu University. In 2002, he released a short film called Aquatic Language which was broadcast on NHK BS1's 10 min. theater. The film won an "Excellent Work Award" at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.[2] In 2006, he released the direct-to-video film Pale Cocoon.[1] After moving to Tokyo he worked on the anime web series Time of Eve which aired six episodes and later was made into a feature movie. In 2013 he released the film Patema Inverted, which won awards at Edinburgh's Scotland Loves Animation festival, and the Chicago International Film Festival.[3] In 2014, he directed the film Harmonie, which was used for the Anime Mirai 2014 program.[1][3][4] In 2015, his short PP33 (Power Plant No. 33) and Bureau of Proto Society were featured in the Japan Animator Expo.[5][6]


Year Title Production role Cast role Notes Refs
2000 Noisy Birth Director      
2001 Kikumana Screenwriter   Honorary Mention, Computer Animation / Visual Effects, 2002 Prix Ars Electronica [7]
2002 Mizu no Kotoba Director, Screenwriter Protagonist Excellent Work Award, Tokyo International Anime Fair, 2003 [2]
2006 Pale Cocoon Director Co-worker    
2008–10 Time of Eve Creator, Director, Screenwriter   ONA and feature film
(List of Awards and screenings)
2009 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Designer      
2012–13 Patema Inverted Creator, Director, Writer   ONA Beginning of the Day and feature film [8][9][10]
2014 Harmonie Creator, Director, Storyboard   Part of Young Animator Training Project 2013.  
2015 Power Plant No. 33 Director, Writer   11th episode of the Japan Animator Expo. [5]
2015 Bureau of Proto Society Director, Writer   29th episode of the Japan Animator Expo. [6]
2016 Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot Director, Storyboard, Director of photography, Editing   Extra episode of the Japan Animator Expo. [11]


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