Yasri Khan (born 2 April 1986 in Stockholm) is a Swedish politician and the leader of organization Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice.

Yasri Khan in 2014.

Khan was a member of the Swedish Green Party, but left the party due to heavy criticism for refusing to shake hands with a female reporter from TV4.[1][2] Khan himself stated that he was raised in the way that a handshake was too intimate, but didn't mean to disrespect women, and also noted that politics was not the right field for him.[3]

Khan was invited to participate in the United States' International Visitor Leadership Program in 2011.[4][5] This experience[6] is run by the U.S. Department of State "through public-private partnerships and tax payer funding.[7]

Gryningeskolan charter schoolEdit

Khan was chairman of company Johai which ran the Gryningeskolan between 2015 and 2017 charter school with a Swedish-Muslim profile in Botkyrka for academic years 1–6.[8][9] The school offered extracurricular teaching of Arabic and Islam.[9] In 2012, the municipality rejected the school's application to extend its education to academic years 7–9, which was motivated by the municipality having reservations on how faith schools contribute to segregation.[9] The school received heavy criticism from the Swedish School Inspectorate. On 25 June 2018, the inspectorate revoked Johai's permission to continue running the school due to a number of deficiencies:[10]

  • pupils with a foreign mother tongue didn't get enough tuition in the Swedish language[10]
  • the school failed to provide a safe and calm environment conducive to learning[10]
  • the physical education did not follow the national curriculum[10]
  • only 20% of teaching staff were certified teachers[10]


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