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The Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Swedish: Statens Skolinspektion), commonly known as the School Inspectorate (Swedish: Skolinspektionen), is a Swedish government agency headed by a director general appointed by the government.[1]

Swedish Schools Inspectorate
Statens skolinspektion
Agency overview
Formed1 October 2008 (1 October 2008)
TypeGovernment agency
JurisdictionSFS 2011:556
EmployeesApprox. 400
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Parent departmentMinistry of Education

The primary aim of the Swedish Schools Inspectorate is to contribute to school improvement and development. The overall goal is a school system where all children have equal rights to a good education and knowledge in a secure environment.

The agency has two types of assignments. One of them is to conduct regular supervisory audits, and the other one is to conduct quality control. Regular supervision is conducted in every school by three-year intervals, while quality control is conducted randomly or at the request of someone, often parents.[2]

The agency has the opportunity to decide on complaints, orders or injunctions with a penalty to get school boards to implement necessary measures. As a last resort, the authority may withdraw the authorization for independent schools, adopt measures on the municipal local principal's expense, or to close a school.

Several other missions, such as auditing of grants for schools and reviews of test results, is also conducted by the agency.

The agency was formed on 1 October 2008[3] on the initiative of Minister for Education Jan Björklund but is a separate agency from the Ministry of Education.


Schools closed by the agencyEdit