Ministry of Education and Research (Sweden)

The Ministry of Education and Research (Swedish: Utbildningsdepartementet) is a government ministry in Sweden responsible for matters relating to schools, universities, colleges, and research.

Ministry of Education and Research
Agency overview
Formed1840 (1840)[1]
Employeesabout 200
Ministers responsible

Before 1968, the ministry was called the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs.

The ministry offices are located at Drottninggatan 16 in central Stockholm.


The Ministry of Education and Research has a staff of 200. The head of the ministry is the Minister for Education, currently Anna Ekström (S).

Areas of responsibilityEdit

  • Education and research

Government agenciesEdit

The Ministry of Education and Research is principal to the following government agencies:

Schools, children and youth
Higher education

Ministers for Higher Education and ResearchEdit

No. Portrait Minister
Tenure Political party Cabinet
Took office Left office Duration
1   Lars Leijonborg
(born 1949)
12 September 2007 17 June 2009 1 year, 278 days Liberal People's Reinfeldt
2   Tobias Krantz
(born 1971)
17 June 2009 5 October 2010 1 year, 110 days Liberal People's
3   Jan Björklund
(born 1962)
5 October 2010 3 October 2014 3 years, 363 days Liberal People's
4   Helene Hellmark Knutsson
(born 1969)
3 October 2014 21 January 2019 4 years, 110 days Social Democrats Löfven I
5   Matilda Ernkrans
(born 1973)
21 January 2019 30 November 2021 2 years, 313 days Social Democrats Löfven II
Löfven III
The minister post was abolished in the Andersson Cabinet and the portfolio overtaken by the Minister for Education.


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