Yanaqucha (Anta)

Yanaqucha (Quechua yana black, qucha lake,[2] "black lake", Hispanicized spelling Yanacocha) is a 4,920-metre-high (16,142 ft) mountain in the eastern extensions of the Willkapampa mountain range in the Andes of Peru at a little lake of that name. It is located in the Cusco Region, Anta Province, on the border of the districts of Ancahuasi and Huarocondo. The mountain and the lake lie southeast of Muyuq.[3]

Yanaqucha is located in Peru
Highest point
Elevation4,920 m (16,140 ft) [1]
Coordinates13°23′04″S 72°19′32″W / 13.38444°S 72.32556°W / -13.38444; -72.32556Coordinates: 13°23′04″S 72°19′32″W / 13.38444°S 72.32556°W / -13.38444; -72.32556
Language of nameQuechua
LocationPeru, Cusco Region, Anta Province
Parent rangeAndes

The lake named Yanaqucha is situated south of the mountain[3] at 13°23′35″S 72°19′15″W / 13.39306°S 72.32083°W / -13.39306; -72.32083.


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