Yamato Station (Kanagawa)

Yamato Station (大和駅, Yamato-eki) is a train station in the city of Yamato, in Kanagawa, Japan, jointly operated by the private railway operators Sagami Railway (Sotetsu) and Odakyu Electric Railway.

OE-05 station number.png SO-14 station number.png
Yamato Station

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Yamato Station
Location1-1-1 Yamatominami, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Operated by
ConnectionsBus terminal
FY2007109,502 (Sagami Railway)
111,063 (Odakyu) daily
Preceding station   Odakyu   Following station
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OH-28 station number.png
toward Shinjuku or Kita-Senju
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Enoshima Line
Rapid Express
OE-02 station number.png
toward Sagami-Ōno
OE-08 station number.png
Enoshima Line
OE-03 station number.png
toward Sagami-Ōno
OE-06 station number.png
Enoshima Line
OE-04 station number.png
toward Sagami-Ōno
Sagami Railway
SO-18 station number.png
Main Line
Limited Express
SO-10 station number.png
toward Yokohama
SO-15 station number.png
toward Ebina
Main Line
SO-13 station number.png
toward Yokohama
Yamato Station is located in Kanagawa Prefecture
Yamato Station
Yamato Station
Location within Kanagawa Prefecture
The Odakyu Line platform
The Sagami Railway platform


Yamato Station is 14.7 kilometers from the terminus of the Sagami Railway at Yokohama Station and 39.9 kilometers from the terminus of the Odakyu Line at Shinjuku Station.

Station layoutEdit

Yamato Station is a joint use station. The north exit is operated by the Sagami Railway and the south exit is operated by the Odakyu Railway, although passengers can use either exit regardless of what line they are using. The Odakyu Railway station consists of two island platforms connected by an overpass to the station building. The station building is elevated, and located above the platforms and tracks. The Sagami Railway station has one island platform, located underground.


Odakyu platformsEdit

1-2  Odakyu Enoshima Line for Fujisawa and Katase-Enoshima
3-4  Odakyu Enoshima Line for Sagami-Ōno and Shinjuku

Sotetsu platformsEdit

1  Sagami Railway Main Line for Ebina
2  Sagami Railway Main Line for Futamatagawa and Yokohama


Yamato Station opened on May 12, 1926 as a station on the Jintsu Railway. The Odakyu Station was opened on April 1, 1929 slightly to the west of the existing station, and was named Nishi-Yamato Station (西大和駅, Nishi-Yamato-eki). On June 1, 1944, Yamato Station was relocated to become adjacent to Nishi-Yamato Station, with the new joint station taking the name Yamato Station. The station building was completely reconstructed in a multiyear project beginning from 1986. In 1993, the tracks and platform of the Sagami Railway were relocated to a subway level, which created room for expansion of the Odakyu station to two platforms in 1996.


Izumi no Mori, a nature park operated by the city of Yamato, is located near the station.

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Coordinates: 35°28′11″N 139°27′41″E / 35.469697°N 139.461409°E / 35.469697; 139.461409